nell devitt clay tiles


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Tiles are fragile. Do not hang outside or in direct sunlight.

Hand cut templates are used to make tiles in a manner similar to printing making.
Smoke firing produces random and indeterminate straw marks on each tile. Use of color is limited.
(see “technique” on bio page for more detailed information about entire process)

In the tile section of my website, images are organized based on their installed format - square, horizontal, vertical and assorted. The installation page shows tiles in actual environments.

Mounted on wood backs that stand out 1½ inches from the wall, the tiles are ready to hang using a standard hanging method with wire and hooks. Detailed installation diagrams are included with each piece. Security hangers can be used if requested.

All tiles may be ordered as they appear in the tile section.

A number of the designs can be modified to fit specific locations.

Delivery time varies from 2 to 4 months.

Email or call for more information and prices - 812 606.8636.